our specialties
these are products or services which are unique to us or we
enjoy and do particularly well at..

systems & solutions
1st we look to your desired functionality and design accordingly.. we acquire &
integrate the best available parts, then build & configure utilizing experience and best industry practices. new construction is warranted for one year.

our vision
we’re technical integrators; melding hardware, software, networks, and protocols to enable interesting & exciting products. we apply the adage that “form follows function”, concerning ourselves with the functionality of the end product. we’ve been around pc technology since it’s inception in the mid-80’s, growing in knowledge as pc hardware & applications matured. we like technology, and constantly strive to improve our craft.


we can embed small computers into most anything larger than a tall credit card including small scale and remote control vehicles. these “vehicle” computers have full pc performance with quality video, sound, usb support, and wired and/or wireless internet. for larger radio controlled cars or other objects, you can have full radio control and real time and recorded video integration...

how we work
basic computer cars will run around $1000, can be built with rc control and video for under $1500. please contact us or stop by our shop to discuss your ideas and take a look at our demo station.

computerized rc vehicles...
we embed computers into rc 16th scale or larger cars or anything of a similar or larger size. they can be simply built as a cool pc, or with slightly larger scale, we can build fully functioning computerized remote control vehicles. we can also equip them with fully functioning video as desired.

our ordering process...
after an appraisal, we’ll quote or prepare a proposal for you
when placing an order, we require a 50% deposit to activate
depending on parameters, build & test take at least 1 week

our skills and features
we can computerize nearly anything imaginable with free space larger than the size of a tall credit card. they run modern software operating systems and applications, with or without a monitor.

professional... a warranty comes with all non-moving products
fully functional computer... ready for a variety of functionality

why choose our systems & why you will like it
because you can have a unique, functionally rich pc with that no one on your block has or can get at dell.com :-)

- unique styling & fully functional
- forward looking
- upgradable
- quiet
- multifunctional