our vision
we’re technical integrators; melding hardware, software, networks, and protocols to enable interesting & exciting products. we apply the adage that “form follows function”, concerning ourselves with the functionality of the end product. we’ve been around pc technology since it’s inception in the mid-80’s, growing in knowledge as pc hardware & applications matured. we like technology, and constantly strive to improve our craft.

please find below some information on the a2z philosophy and how it relates to our customers and industry concepts..

frequently asked questions

what is it that you do here at a2z?
we focus on pc based technology & functionality. whether it’s the pc by itself, or as a integrated part of bigger systems, we enjoy the design, application & construction. most generally, we consider ourselves technical integrators...

so.. what is a technical integrator?
when there is a need for a particular functionality, we apply our knowledge of technology, and integrate hardware, software, networks, and protocols to a successful end..

what is your functionality 1st computing philosophy?
we borrow from the architectural concepts of Frank Lloyd Wright, in that we believe that “form follows function”. this means that we look at end-functionality first and design the hardware and software back from there. this has huge ramifications in how we look at things and separates us from most in the industry, both big and small alike..

what is a custom designer & builder?
someone who designs for you & your needs. unlike big-box builders (dell, hp etc..), a custom builder gives you nearly infinite choices in your appearance and performance functionality, we can design in nearly any shape or color imaginable, and encourage you to spend your $$ where it benefits you the most.

what is your warranty?
all of our new system builds come with a 1 year hardware guarantee. while your software will be perfect before it leaves the shop, they are user-configurable and beyond our control. as such, and with all other integrators, we cannot warrant software unless specified in writing.

what are viruses and malware?
commonly referred to as malware, it is software that either has no beneficial function for the user or is outright harmful to your computer or network. some malware just tries to gather personal pc habits for advertisers or marketers. others are meant to damage your system, steal your files or information, or get your money and personal information. everyone needs a real time antivirus. most reputable ones are roughly equal, none are perfect, the best choice is mostly your personal decision regarding what you like and are comfortable with.

what about apple systems?
most are well designed, but expensive computers. and while apple integrates the out-of-the-box functionality better than most big-box(dell, hp, toshiba, sony etc..)pc's, a knowledgable user or integrator can rapidly configure superior functionality for much less$$ tha a mac. we like to say.. "anything an apple can do, we can do with a pc only twice as fast for half as much$$". some things to consider before switching or purchasing..

- compatablity challanges.. as 90+% of the computing world is pc-based, options & compatibility problems are significant, wide-ranging, and ultimately limit quality computing.
- business & professional computing is pc based.. nearly no macs there.
- expensive help.. many folks compete to help you with your pc = higher quality & lower cost.
- viruses & malware.. macs not immune.. the most common pc malware affect macs too.
- software & hardware limitations.. pc's have many more users = more$$ = more choices
- apple & better graphics.. a decade ago, now pc’s run the same/better software on faster hardware.
- marketing driven.. apple's well designed chic advertising focus on perception not functionality.
- iPod's & iPads ≠ Great Computers.
- inferiority complex.. the "cult of mac". snotty attitudes ≠ knowledge or superiority..
- limited options.. tiny user base & restrictive design = less options.

so who are macs best for?.. techies, those surrounded by Apple users & support, have specialty or limited computing needs, & possess $$. we do not repair or support apple systems, but will add them to home networks or setup printers.

how about big-box vendors like dell & hp?
big-box vendors like dell, hp, & sony etc are primarily hardware vendors. a high volume & low diversity determine their vendor relationships and result in a commodity. options are a fraction that of a custom designer is great for cost reduction & marketing machines, it’s neither the sharpest nor best technology tool. user environment.. generally unable to know the end-user, their needs, or their technical surroundings, customers must rely on their own technical knowledge. marketing driven.. massively marketed to deliver their products, often not a good fit for the non-technical.
weak software choices.. most functionality software “options” come from “scratch your back” relationships with big software houses, not your needs. And much of the most used applications are trialware.. use for a while, then pay more $$. for whom?.. for simple systems & knowledgeable consumers, they’re OK. for many, especially those desiring functionally rich computers, they fall short, and their marketing claims of much hardware for the buck in reality often mean a LOW cost/benefit ratio.