our vision
we’re technical integrators; melding hardware, software, networks, and protocols to enable interesting & exciting products. we apply the adage that “form follows function”, concerning ourselves with the functionality of the end product. we’ve been around pc technology since it’s inception in the mid-80’s, growing in knowledge as pc hardware & applications matured. we like technology, and constantly strive to improve our craft.

we have been working on pc's and experimenting with their functionality since their inception in the 1980’s. as generalists with many interests, we have a wide range of computer related interests, which have been developed into skills and experience.

constant improvement
technology is a dynamic field, we like it, and we are constantly learning, improving, and applying new technical knowledge and integration techniques to our repertoire.

areas of skill & experience
these are some of our skills and experience. while this list is not meant to be exhaustive, it does describe many of our skill areas. if you have questions about anything on this list or wonder if we are familiar with something not on it, please contact us..

pc hardware
cpu, motherboard, ram, hard drive, power, case, etc
pc software
most pc applications; office, quickbooks, adobe, graphics etc.
pc operating systems
all windows desktop & server, some linux flavors
all windows based workgroup or domain networks
cameras & observation
photography & surveillance hardware, software, & integration
computerized video & audio
home theatre & media hardware, software, & integration
miniaturized & small technology
general & specialized applications of small computing
discussions & applications technological environment
diagnostics, repair, retrofits
repair or replace most elements in a technological environment.