a2z philosophy
we are integrators of hardware, operating system, application programs, and networks to provide a given environment. we follow the adage that form follows function.

construction information
we integrate the best available products and configure utilizing the best industry practices to provide your desired functionality. our new pc and hardware are warranted for one year.


a2z can design a new observation and recording system for your business or upgrade an existing one. deterrence, customer & employee safety, criminal evidence or prosecution, or remote observation are just a few of the benefits of a cameras and an observation system. we can implement your vision professionally.

how we work
please contact us or stop by our shop to discuss your ideas. if needed, we will appraise at your location. if mutually interested, we will then...

- appraise your situation & quote or prepare a proposal for you
- when placing an order, we require a 50% deposit to activate
- depending on parameters, build & test take at least 1 week
- on-site install & training as arranged

camera faq: at a2z, we generally use pc server to run surveillance, why not a stand-alone dvr?
- cost: higher cost now and/or later
- proprietary designs: less options, including configurability and repair
- pc operating system vs firmware: firmware limited config
- upgrade/scalability problems: limited, costly, or unavailable

our skills, features, & experience
we focus on complete workstations which give you the ability to create and produce high quality video on the station, and to record or input live movies created by you or others.

- cameras:
hi-quality, hi resolution, analog or digital, night and/or day, as many as needed
- design and installation:
we design specifically for one or more of your buildings, and do complete installations
- control and accessibility
you have your choice of control from a single location or multiple locations, accessible for anywhere with internet
- alerts and recording
we can alert you upon events, recording can be setup for weeks

why choose our systems & why you will like it

professional - a2z skillfully designs & builds expert systems
one stop shopping - no subcontractors to blame, we do it all & “the buck stops here”
observe & deter - pprevent problems and protect valuable areas
hd resolution - mega-pixel observation and recording options
any layout - single or multiple buildings, commercial or residential
any environment - indoor or outdoor, day and night, wired and wireless
hybrid options - best use of analog cctv & digital ip technology
alerts - configurable events trigger recording or alarms
data protection - save 50% or more off geek squad rates with equal or better technical skills and real interaction.
accessibility - remote monitor from web browser or handheld
control - configured to monitor and record what’s important to you
scalable - easily & economically expand cameras & locations as needed
support - we support our products.. train, troubleshoot, upgrade etc..