a2z philosophy
we are integrators of hardware, operating system, application programs, and networks to provide a given environment. we follow the adage that form follows function.

construction information
we integrate the best available products and configure utilizing the best industry practices to provide your desired functionality. our new pc and hardware are warranted for one year.


as generalists, we have interests and expertise in many technical areas, and enjoy working with individuals and businesses to fix or improve their technical environment. we integrate both the tried and true as well as new & innovative technology to your situation. looking at hardware, software, protocols, and concepts, we bring a vision or project to life in a practical and creative way.

how we work
please inquire about how we may be of assistance for your project or areas of interest. if there is a beneficial relationship for both, we can define a scope of project or work on an hourly ala-carte basis..

ala-carte/as needed on an hourly, half-day & daily basis
please contact us to schedule an appointment or discuss what you have in mind. a standing order of scheduled work done on a half-day or full day allotment, will be offered at a slight discount of hourly rates.

fixed price by the project or contract
we will quote you for the project that you have in mind. contact us or stop by to discuss.

if you are interested in preferential ongoing service, please contact us about working on a retainer basis.

our skills, experience, & specifics
we can fix nearly anything pc related while taking care of your data.. we are conscious of fixing not only parts, but your user experience whenever possible.

pc’s & custom pc design & functionality...
miniature & embedded computers...
network design & functionality...
alternative networks - wireless & powerline...
mobile computing & applications...
cameras and observation technology...
music & video applications - applied locally or network...
web integration...

why will you like us

- technical experience
- focused on the end result
- honesty & integrity
- friendly & professional