a2z philosophy
we are integrators of hardware, operating system, application programs, and networks to provide a given environment. we follow the adage that form follows function.

construction information
we integrate the best available products and configure utilizing the best industry practices to provide your desired functionality. our new pc and hardware are warranted for one year.


we build systems that integrate hardware and software to allow you to make your own dvd’s or output professional video. a wide variety of source inputs and outputs are available.

how we work
please contact us or stop by our shop to discuss your ideas. if interested, we will then...

- appraise your situation & quote or prepare a proposal for you
- when placing an order, we require a 50% deposit to activate
- depending on parameters, build & test take at least 1 week
- on-site install & training as arranged

our skills, features, & experience
we focus on complete workstations which give you the ability to create and produce high quality video on the station, and to record or input live movies created by you or others.

high quality audio/video production... clean and clear movies
high performance... hardware tailored for your job at hand, makes your work fast and great
video tools... a variety of audio & video editors, sequencers & other tools to enhance your overall production
production & distribution tools... enable or fortify a production & distribution environment
speakers/output... wide variety of quality output speakers available
looks... looks as great as the performance
input devices & ports... mics, instruments etc.. 1 or more channels as needed
output devices & ports... speakers, headphones, & others as needed
training... we will enable you to get a fast start on your projects

why choose our systems & why you will like it
you want to create video, now you can..

- professionally integrated specialty hardware & software
- ready to produce high quality audio right out of the box
- powerful & appropriate hardware (64bit architecture & quadro video available)
- quiet
- beautiful
- functional interface
- hq peripherals - spkrs, mic, kb, mouse, tablet
- unique designs & creations