a2z philosophy
we are integrators of hardware, operating system, application programs, and networks to provide a given environment. we follow the adage that form follows function.

construction information
we integrate the best available products and configure utilizing the best industry practices to provide your desired functionality. our new pc and hardware are warranted for one year.


a2z designs secure systems and networks and will upgrade the security of a current one or design/build from scratch. network server permissions, anti-malware techniques, or social network lockdowns, we provide the totality of safety and uptime for your company's technical infrastructure.

how we work
please contact us or stop by our shop to discuss your ideas. if needed, we will appraise at your location. if mutually interested, we will then...

- appraise your situation & quote or prepare a proposal for you
- when placing an order, we require a 50% deposit to activate
- depending on parameters, build & test take at least 1 week
- on-site install & training as arranged

our skills, features, & experience
we can provide the flexibility of security while still allowing work to be done..

system level protection
- real-time antivirus & control mechanisms
- state of the art malware defense & system stability
- firewall configuration for functionality & defense

server level protection
- server setup & permissions

network level protection
- hardware firewall install & configuration
- real-time antivirus & control mechanisms
- state of the art malware defense & system stability

internet/web protection

- pc hardware & software
- printers and other peripherals
- network builds & repair
- pc, network, & backup security
- variety of business experience
- service contracts or on-need
- media based technologies
- observation technologies

why you will like our service
we've helped 100's of satisfied customers and can help you..

experience - 20+ yrs of professional experience in pc technology
professional - resourceful & proficient at our craft
competence - possess know-how, tools, & tricks to fix your problem
friendly - a good attitude, & easy to work with
quickly - time is money, we can solve your technical riddle rapidly
local - our service is just a short drive away
accountable - we value our good reputation & work to keep it.
honesty - we will provide honest appraisals & treat you fairly, build trust
competitive - save 50% or more off geek squad rates with equal or better technical skills and real interaction.
brick & mortar - a physical address, real people, not just a phone or email