residential services
products or services aimed to help you & your technology around the house. set it up, fix it, or explain it, we have success and experience with your residential systems or networks...

systems & solutions
1st we look to your desired functionality and design accordingly.. we acquire & integrate the best available parts, then build & configure utilizing experience and best industry practices. new construction is warranted for one year.

our vision
we’re technical integrators; melding hardware, software, networks, and protocols to enable interesting & exciting products. we apply the adage that “form follows function”, concerning ourselves with the functionality of the end product. we’ve been around pc technology since it’s inception in the mid-80’s, growing in knowledge as pc hardware & applications matured. we like technology, and constantly strive to improve our craft.


if you can unplug and drop off your computer to us, you get a great series of diagnostic tests and repair, most at our high value flat rate. we are experienced in hardware, operating system and application software, allowing us to repair nearly all pc problems. we also offer a wide variety of technical services including all nature of upgrades and special projects. we continuously improve our tools and skillset, strive for win-win relationships, and look to provide value to our customers. feel free to contact us, or just drop off your system at our convenient Edmonds location during business hours(10-6 M-F, 12-3 S) .

how we work
just bring your system to us, no appointments are necessary. if you are planning hardware upgrades, you may wish to check with us to confirm parts availability or stop by to discuss..

flat rate repair labor (plus tax) $80-Desktops $90-Laptops
(labor only, hardware parts at market rates if needed) many repairs fall under flat rate including virus removal & repair services such as cloning & motherboard work may be higher.

fix, upgrade, or buy new?
contrary to some perceptions, many computer problems are related to software errors and/or to user habits, and can be readily fixed. most virus, spyware, and/or windows problems fall in this category, repairable at a fraction of the cost of a new system.

considering whether to repair or buy new? some thoughts...
- does your pc (when running well) still do what you want it to do?
- will your functionality software & printers work on the new pc?
- in addition to the initial cost, new pc’s generally require time to reload/reconfigure software & data that may have taken days, months, or years of configuration. what’s your time worth?
- if the current system problems are behavioral related, they may show up again on any newly purchased computer.

our skills, experience, & specifics
we can fix nearly anything pc related while taking care of your data.. we are conscious of fixing not only parts, but your user experience whenever possible.

virus/malware cleanup... almost never requiring a windows reload
program repair... repair/fix application errors (eg internet explorer)
operating system... startup, update, or system anomalies
hardware... motherboards, hard drives, ram, video, audio, power

common problems repaired
full hard drive... increase storage & keep current setup
dying or near-dead hard drives... nearly always keep data, many times keep full configuration
system won't turn on... power supply & motherboard replaced
slow and congested... complete hardware, malware, & windows
data retrieval... erased, formatted, partitioned, & dying drives

why you'll like getting your pc serviced heres
we can fix nearly anything pc related while taking care of your data.. we are conscious of fixing not only parts, but your user experience whenever possible.

superior "face-to-face" in-person repair...
in some cases remote users or impersonal programs can put a “band-aid” on your pc problems. but with limited time and no practical way to run industry standard diagnostics, they fix only a fraction of pc problems, most superficial and related to malware. the inability to detect dying hard drives could be catastrophic to your most valued pictures and information. at worst, there are many charlatans, providing no or little benefit to your pc while taking your money.

friendly & professional service...
strong customer service and a friendly, professional demeanor will greet you at a2z.

honesty & integrity...
we will always make honest assessments and treat you fairly.

skilled & experienced service...
we are unique, in that we understand and will help you with the full pc experience of hardware, operating system, and application software. we have successfully configured & repaired 1000’s of pc’s and can help you..

great pricing/flat rate labor for in-house repair...
our flat rate pricing model for pc repair labor of $80(Desktops) & $90(Laptops) provides great value. by using this model for most repairs, it allows us to run lengthy diagnostic and repair processes not practical when working on-site at an hourly rate. it also allows you to know what your cost will be without huge surprises. most repairs go out the door at less than $100, most hardware repairs under $200, and "like new" system performance upgrades around $300..

quality assurance...
our builds & repairs don’t leave until they’ve passed our QC checks..

efficient turn-around ...
most repairs take 1-3 days, rush turn around available..