residential services
products or services aimed to help you & your technology around the house. set it up, fix it, or explain it, we have success and experience with your residential systems or networks...

systems & solutions
1st we look to your desired functionality and design accordingly.. we acquire & integrate the best available parts, then build & configure utilizing experience and best industry practices. new construction is warranted for one year.

our vision
we’re technical integrators; melding hardware, software, networks, and protocols to enable interesting & exciting products. we apply the adage that “form follows function”, concerning ourselves with the functionality of the end product. we’ve been around pc technology since it’s inception in the mid-80’s, growing in knowledge as pc hardware & applications matured. we like technology, and constantly strive to improve our craft.


a2z custom designs and builds a pc based, one-stop media experience un-doable only a few years ago. designed and built as a custom pc, it can function as a standalone pc or as the focal point in a pc based home theatre or whole house media system. our sleek designs make a beautiful addition to any living room or media room, supporting stunning big-screen display and dazzling sound without limiting computer functionality. designed and built especially for you as an easy to control center for internet access, traditional & web-based television, movies, music, pictures, gaming and more. safely store and distribute all your media throughout your house or building...

how we work
please contact us or stop by our shop to discuss your ideas and sit down and experience our demo station. if interested, we will then...

- appraise your situation & quote or prepare a proposal for you
- when placing an order, we require a 50% deposit to activate
- depending on parameters, build & test take at least 1 week
- on-site install & training as arranged

our skills and features
our video and audio quality compete with the best of traditional home theatre and high end stereo systems all in one beautiful box. in addition you get all the added benefits of playing and housing computer media and internet options. all professionally configured to make it beautiful, easy, and safe.

form & styling... our home theatre pc’s are designed to look great in any living room or similar environment. Most look similar to DVD players or traditional receivers, but can be designed with a variety of looks or sizes. all systems are designed to be powerful and well-equipped media performers and emphasize quiet & energy efficiency..
video options, graphics & multi-monitor setups ... project to one or more big screen LCD, plasma, or projection panels as big as you like. if you require a large display area for gaming, presentation, or other functionality, we can accommodate you. output designs of 6-10 monitors or tv’s in any size or grid or size that works for you. we can provide TV ‘s in a your package or work with your current television. multi-monitor output a specialty
music and sound options... any stereo signal to dts/dolby digital surround sound, wired or wireless, as powerful as you like, multi-room audio server
control and interface... all wireless keyboard & remotes, multiple control configurations, touchscreen & voice options
device integration... laptops & handhelds, mp3 Players & iPODs, wireless headphones, phones, digital cameras

big screen computing... for browsing, gaming, mapping etc..
internet functions... eMail, webTV, VOIP, messaging, Skype
movies... HD blueray, std DVD, web, and personal video
television... Internet (Hulu et al), Over Air, Cable, Record (DVR)
music... HD Surround for.. Local & Web Radio, CD’s, & Library
pictures... Large Scale slideshows & presentations, picture edit
ambience... Sleek & Attractive, Powerful, & Quiet
storage... Huge Backed Storage: 1000’s of Pics/Songs/Movies
easy control... functional & stylish wireless kb/mouse & remote
professional... unique integration knowledge, exp & training

why choose our systems & why you will like it
we offer you a unique product, high fidelity, highly functional, with limitless potential.

* unique
* forward looking
* upgradeable
* a stylish & cool addition
* quiet
* multifunctional