residential services
products or services aimed to help you & your technology around the house. set it up, fix it, or explain it, we have success and experience with your residential systems or networks...

systems & solutions
1st we look to your desired functionality and design accordingly.. we acquire & integrate the best available parts, then build & configure utilizing experience and best industry practices. new construction is warranted for one year.

our vision
we’re technical integrators; melding hardware, software, networks, and protocols to enable interesting & exciting products. we apply the adage that “form follows function”, concerning ourselves with the functionality of the end product. we’ve been around pc technology since it’s inception in the mid-80’s, growing in knowledge as pc hardware & applications matured. we like technology, and constantly strive to improve our craft.


a2z provides business & residential customers with service at your location. we improve or fix your hardware, software, peripherals, or networks. we streamline technical tools with experienced regular maintenance or via remote access. please contact us with questions, discuss options, or to arrange an appointment.

how we work - service & support options
if the problem is a non-critical pc with a non-network problem, you may unplug it and bring it in for our drop-off service. for some of our customers, it’s better to call us and schedule on-site service when they have a problem or need, this is our ala-carte service. for our larger customers and optimal performance and preventive maintenance, a preferred contract is the best way to go. it saves you money over the ala-carte rate and provides you with preferred scheduling. ask us or schedule today.

service types

preferred contract
retain us for a minimum number of hours per month and get preferred service at a lower rate. it’s a win-win for us and our customers..
- retain us for 4 - 9 hours per month, and pay $85/hour
- retain us for 10--14 hours per month, and pay $80/hour
- retain us for over 15 hours per month, and pay $75/hour

ala-carte service
arrange service at your convenience for a cost of $95/hour

drop-off service
if you would prefer to bring your computer to us, we do many in-house repairs at a flat-rate of $80.00. for more details see our in-house repair page.

there is no travel expense for work in the city of edmonds. we reserve the right to apply a travel charge to the following areas..
- shoreline, montlake terrace.. @ $10
- mulkelteo, brier, lake forest park, kenmore, north seattle @ $25
- lynnwood - (west of 44th) @ $10 (west of 44th) @ $25
- for other locations, please ask

our experience & skills
we focus on complete workstations which give you the ability to create and produce high quality video on the station, and to record or input live movies created by you or others.

- pc hardware & software
- printers and other peripherals
- network builds & repairs
- pc & network backups & security
- variety of business experience
- contracts, as-needed, or drop-off service
- audio & video based technologies
- observation technologies

why you will like our service
we've helped 100's of satisfied customers and can help you..

experience - 20+ yrs of professional experience in pc technology
professional - resourceful & proficient at our craft
competence - possess know-how, tools, & tricks to fix your problem
friendly - a good attitude, & easy to work with
quickly - time is money, we can solve your technical riddle rapidly
local - our service is just a short drive away
accountable - we value our good reputation & work to keep it.
honesty - we will provide honest appraisals & treat you fairly, build trust
competitive - save 50% or more off geek squad rates with equal or better technical skills and real interaction.
brick & mortar - a physical address, real people, not just a phone or email